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Automatic Touch Free LaserWash 360

Why is “Touchless” so important? Quite simply, traditional Brush, or Friction Washes as they are known, continuously rubbing and brushing the paint of your vehicle. Even the best “Friction” washes cause any dirt or grime on your vehicle to be “ground” into the paint causing scratches and swirls, often damage to mirrors, wipers and antennas is quite common.

Touchless Car Wash Las VegasThe LaserWash 360 is the latest version in the LaserWash series of Touch Free automated Car Washes. Take a look at the video on the side to see how our Touchless LaserWash 360 works, even compared to older Touchless Washes

The LaserWash 360 actually measures the size of your vehicle using Ultrasonic sensors, so that the High Pressure jets can be adjusted to the optimum distance and follow the actual contour of your vehicle. A two-step soap process eliminates dirt without the destructive "sanding" action of friction/brush washes. Our high quality waxes and sealants are essential to good car care, and they are followed by a "Spot Free" water rinse.

LaserWash 360

features an integrated “Smart 360 Drying System” which features a unique “Flash Dry” service that takes no additional time for a basic dry by performing a rinse and dry in a single operation. Flash Dry is based on the simple theory that it is easier to remove water that is already moving.

If you would like to see our actual LaserWash in action cleaning the new Ferrari 458 Italia, click here.

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