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Self Service

Our self-service options feature six large, clean and well maintained bays, all with new fixtures and brushes, eight vacuum stations, including a Quadra “Select-a-Vac” High Power Turbo Vac with a dri-foaming carpet spot remover and three fragrance selections. Our Self Serve equipment does not take cash, Tokens must be obtained from the centrally located Bill Changer. The Wash Bays do accept Credit Cards.

Wash bay pricing is $2 for five minutes, $1.00 per 2 ½ minutes thereafter, and features:

  • Low Pressure Tire Cleaner
  • Low Pressure PreSoak
  • High Pressure Detergent
  • Foaming Brush Detergent
  • High Pressure Rinse
  • Sealant / Protectant
  • Spot Free Rinse

Our Self Serve Wash bays use both Tokens AND Credit Cards, once you swipe your card, you can choose to take as much time as you like to complete the perfect wash, without having to scramble for more tokens.

For those customers who would like their vehicle dried more completely, we have programmed our Touchless Automatic LaserWash to offer a "DRY ONLY" option, with a triple pass dry cycle costing only $2.00.

Vacuum price is $.75 for five minutes with your choice of seven powerful vacuums. Our
The Quadra Select-a-Vac costs $2 for 5 minutes for vacuum and spot cleaner and $1 for Fragrance.

Bubbles AutoSpa features a vending machine with a choice of car care products.

Wash Bay pricing is $2.00 for first 5 minutes, $1.00 per 2 ½ minutes thereafter. You can take as little or as long as you like. The average Self-Serve user takes about 10 to 15 minutes, some less, some take much longer for “sublime pampering”. Even a 30 minute marathon costs only $12.00.

We suggest using a Credit Card (sorry no Debit Cards) so that you can take as long as you wish and not have to scramble to insert more tokens before time expires. As soon as you press the RED STOP BUTTON on the Card Reader, we stop charging your Credit Card.

For your protection we have set a maximum charge of $15.00 on Credit Cards, so even if you forget to press the STOP you cannot be charged more than $15.00.

Unfortunately that means that if you want to wash to your heart’s content, you would have to swipe your card again after 37 minutes. You might want to think about the “other love of your life” before you get carried away Car Wash Las Vegas

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